Design of the marketing e-mails


Marketing e-mails  are the strong communication tool between service and users. The more tight relationship could be established if the service will send a consistent chain of different e-mails to its customers. Ian Brodie suggests that e-mails should be sent frequently, as “little and often” almost always beats “big and infrequent”.

To design effective e-mail, it is important to understand its integrated layout. Chad White gives an example of the rough e-mail template which could be implemented to the price-tracking services marketing e-mails. During the designing process following factors should be considered:

  • e-mail should be easy scanned because users don’t read but skip them;
  • it should be clearly branded, users should recognise service style and logo;
  • main e-mail information should be placed on the top of the layout, in the “primary message” according to the following template;


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