Design of the price-tracking service

Before designing the prototype of the Price Tracking website, I made some research to find out the most credible, attractive layout and what could trigger users to share an information about service with other people with help of social networks and e-mails.

I conducted comparative Usability Testing sessions with 5 users. Three the most popular Price Tracking services for Amazon, according to the google search results were taken:


Each usability testing session was focused on the comparison of the two services. User testing sessions were designed to conduct the most significant feedback from the comparative brief discussion and the post-task questionnaires.

The most significant usability findings were:

  • Perfect working features of the service is the main significant aspect to gain the trust of users. Users can excuse bad design and unclear main message but will not use badly working service.
  • The money-saving websites would be valuable for all users. Interesting finding was, that the more visually attractive the website was, the more fetching was the idea of the Price Tracking services. This conclusion was made after information processing from the post-task questionnaires. Services who received the higher score for visual attractiveness and usability were positively effected on answers about the idea of the money-saving websites.
  • The positive effect of the Amazon logo on the service credibility could depend on the attractiveness of the website. It means, the more professionally looking and bug-free website, the more positively Amazon style and logo impacts on the users trust.
  • Users are more willing to share the price-tracking website by e-mail than on their social networks.

After the Usability research, I created redesigned prototype of the service.

This is the video of how to use the prototype I’ve designed:

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The link to the Price Tracking Service Prototype

Below, I have described all changes I made in the new design.


The new design is responsive and functionate well on different size devices. The main message of the website is visible and delivers the main value users would get from the service. Bright, green call-to-action button below the message, links to the video with tips, how to use the service. Large search field contains tips of how to search items. Amazon logo was placed on the right from the website’s logo to make more obvious the fact that this service works only with the Amazon. The amount of Facebook shares is visible to invoke social proof factor. The Home page shows beast deals items with product categories. Information about items placed in thumbnail and shows clearly how the price was changed. Clear call-to-action buttons link to the Amazon product page and Price drop notification form page.


Search Results Page

The digital cameras Search result page has all items list in given category from the Amazon. Thumbnails with dropped prices are visible and have positive green color. Items with discounts have contrast call-to-action button links to the Amazon product page. Users have the opportunity to share good deals on the social network by clicking Facebook “Share” button. Items without discount have warnings if the price is too high to buy (red up arrow near to the price with “too high” message) and the information about the lowest price which was registered by service.


Price Drop Notification Form Page

This page opens when the user presses “Notify me when the price drops more” button. This page shows information about the item current price and price history. Service allows to get e-mails with price drop notifications without registration. The user only needs to enter an e-mail address. The account could be created automatically and an e-mail with  the generated password which user can use to login to the service could be sent to user shortly after receiving the price drop request from him. The short video with tips, how to use the service has been placed on this page.


Product Information Page

The page contains price fluctuation graph and table with minimum and maximum prices. User has an opportunity to request price-drop notification. Bright call-to-action button which links to the Amazon product page and video with tips are placed on the page.


The prototype was designed minimalistic and simple to reduce users cognitive effort. The idea of the service is simple and valuable and the layout of the site should help economize customers not only money but the time.

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