User Journey for the Price Tracking Service

User Journey is powerful UX specialist instrument which helps to understand needs of your users more deeply and uncovers aspects of interaction with your product in a detailed way. The important start point for the User Journey creation is to specify your target audience and to visualize one or more of your potential users – create a Persona. You should breathe life into your imaginative future customer and fill them with a bit or a lot of personal characteristics, background and aims.

Persona I created for my User Journey for Price Tracking Service is the typical representative of young professional which works hard, likes new technologies and gadgets, advanced Internet user which commonly buys goods from e-commerce websites.


The next step is to identify main touchpoints for interaction with the product. In my example, user’s start and finish points are the amazon website and the aim of the Price Tracking Service is to provide a user with more valuable, money saving experience of buying products. Every touchpoint should include Persona’s emotional feelings, motives and behaviours. Finally, the User Journey should include suggestions for the future improvement for every touchpoint.

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